Prominent Members Of Electric Crews

“There is a secret to the glam and shine of TV programs in South Florida. There is a great deal of work done outside the corners of the visible screen dimensions that make it look worldly. This is the magic of lighting and electricity that makes the photography and videos more magical. There is a dedicated team required for handling this arrangement. These people are known as grip and electric crew in South Florida.There are a number of specific people that work in this crew.” explained an expert from

Here are some of the important member positions in the team.

The Gaffer

They are also known as the lighting technician chief.The electrical department is headed by the gaffer. The plan and the design for lighting for a specific event are made to execute at the instruction of the gaffer. Their work requires them to co-ordinate directly with the photography director. It helps them in creating the required scene.

Key Grip

This grip department is headed by the Key grip. He is also referred to as the key in short form. Key is also required to work with the photography director to produce the required scene. Their job is to arrange correct levels of lighting, saturation, and blocking to make the scene as per the requirements.


This term is used for technicians required for light rigging. Their prime role is to handle the dimensions of lighting that are non-electrical. It involves the setting of overheads, tripods, bounces, and cranes. They also adjust the equipment used in production for the required level of performance.