Tow Bar Fittings For Your Car

Article written by Mobile Towbar Fitting Service

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Most of the car owners prefer to install tow bar in their car as it helps them to transport other things along with their car. So, if you have made your mind for installing the tow bar, then here are few things that you need to consider related to the tow bar fitting. Each tow bar offers different types of fitting. So before installing the tow bar you must know about the types of tow bars.

  • Flange tow bars: With flange tow bars, the car is mounted on the tow bar, and the tow bar is attached to the car making it visible all the time. Most of the car owners usually use this type of tow bar as it is the cheapest of them all.
  • Swan neck tow bar: Swan neck tow bars are the most common type of tow bar that is used in most of the cars. It looks way better than flange tow bars. The tow ball and the tow bar come as a single unit. The neck of the tow bar reaches the car from the underneath but it is again visible when it is installed in the car. Though they provide a nice look as they are made narrow and have a good finish, but yes they can be seen very easily.
  • Detachable tow bars: Detachable tow bars come in a wide variety that you can use. The main benefit of using these tow bars is that they can be removed when not in use. This makes them almost invisible. Most the high end car owner’s use this type of tow bars with their car so that it may not affect the look of the car as well as can be used if required.

Tow bar fitting

After selecting the tow bar for your car, you should not worry about fitting the tow bar to your car. You should hire a tow fitter to help you install the tow bar in your car. All the tow bars require an electrical kit if they get damaged during the installation of the tow bar. The installation cost may vary depending upon the following factors.

  • The Brand and the model of your car. Each car brand and model offer different fittings for your tow bar.
  • The type of tow bar also affects the installation cost of your tow bar.
  • The installation cost also gets affected by the electric option that you have chosen for your car.