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In the present time, crimes have increased along with the advancement in the technology. In the present time, different types of deadly weapons have been invented of which one shot is enough to make any one sleep forever.  Although these weapons are invented for the good cause such as for the protection of nation or self-protection but there is no shortage of individuals who use them for their personal interest or just to take revenge from others. Advanced technology has proved to be a boon for the crime detectors or investigators. There are different types of forensic or crime scene equipments which are used to find out the crime evidence and prove the crime. Below mentioned are some types of equipments used by the forensic scientists:

 Light – It is used to find out the evidence which cannot be seen through naked eyes. This process includes exposing different areas of crime scene to the various light sources including ultraviolet light and infrared light.

 Microscope- This is one of the most important equipments used in the forensic lab. There are different types of evidences found at the crime scene which are too tiny in nature so it is impossible to view them without using the microscope.

Finger printing equipments – This technology is used to figure out the finger prints from the weapon or any other item at crime scene and match them with the finger prints of the suspected individuals.