Hire The Party Wall Surveyor For Your Building Work

If you are planning to start your building work or maintenance work, then you should first check with the neighbours for the party wall. Starting the building work without consulting with the neighbours can cause serious problems, issues and conflicts. So, it is better to have a part wall agreement done with your adjoining neighbours so that there may not arise any conflict or issue in the future. London is a place where you can see similar adjoining homes one after another without any kind of gap in between them. Most of the houses share a common wall which creates conflicts during the building work or maintaining work.

What is party wall?

A party wall is a common wall that divides two houses from one another with only one wall. It is a single wall that belongs to both the owners and creates issues if any one of them starts the building work. This wall is usually located on the sides of the houses. During the building of your home damage to that wall can also cause damage to the neighbouring house. Most of the people do prefer to have a party wall agreement between them so that they may settle the case outside of the court. Party wall surveyors will help you in preparing the agreement as well as in signing the agreement. It is the duty of the party wall surveyor to get the party wall agreement ready and signed by all the neighbours who share the party wall.

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