Getting Rid Of The Most Common Parasite Of All

Lice are some of the most resilient parasites that live on the human body. They do not spread disease and they’re not life threatening. Basically, a louse is a small, wingless parasite that lives on the scalp, the pubic area or on clothes. Many times, the only symptom of their presence is itchy skin. This is due to the fact that when lice bite the skin, their saliva irritates the skin.

The itchiness depends on the number of lice and on the sensitivity of the person who has been bitten. Most of the time this symptom appears a few weeks after the lice have begun biting an individual. Once identified, the best course of action is to make an appointment at a lice removal salon.

How to recognize head lice and how to remove them

Most of the signs that someone has lice can be seen with the naked eye. A close inspection is usually enough to identify lice eggs, which is a clear sign that someone has lice. Although the rash by lice is usually mild, there are people that tend to be more sensitive to it. Adult lice and nymphs are also easy to identify. There are is also the possibility of bacterial infection due to excessive scratching.

While people will choose to go to a lice removal salon, a doctor will usually recommend a more passive solution. He will usually prescribe a medicated shampoo, or a lotion that will kill the lice. Those who choose to have them removed by hand will have to sit through a long and tedious process which will involve combing the wet, conditioned hair with a fine-tooth comb every few days.

It would be a good idea to avoid using the vinegar based solution, or the petroleum jelly, mayonnaise or oil mixes which claim that they can suffocate the lice. These treatments provide little guarantee of success for too much effort.

The best way to proceed remains going to a doctor in order to get a solution specially designed for this kind of problem.

Guest post by : Slug Bug Lice Removal LLC